WHEM Mechanical Testimonial

WHEM Mechanical Testimonial

Jonno’s System Included:

  • Location: North Mackay, Queensland
  • 15KW 3 Phase Solar System
  • 1x 10KW 3 Phase Sungrow Inverter
  • $4140.83 saved p.a
  • ROI 4 years!
  • Power Produced Since Installation: 34.135 MWH!


Jackson: Today, I’m bringing you guys along to meet with some of our valued customers.

Jonno: My name’s Jonno Warrell and, uh, as you can see I’m a mechanic. So, uh, power bills are always quite high with that and the kids being home, so we thought solar would be the go to try and reduce our bill.

Jonno: Recommendations, really, Lots of people saying good things about them.

Jonno: So, yeah, we ended up going and talking to Jackson and next thing we got a system on our roof.

Jonno: Jackson came looked at our power bills what we needed and suggested the size which we went ahead with and yeah so now we’re in credit.

Jonno: Our installation was easy, as soon as I signed off on the contract it was just book a date and it got installed.

Jonno: Oh, it obviously took two or three bill cycles to come down and now we’re 100 bucks in credit a month so.

Jonno: Yeah, I definitely recommend SnapSolar, the process is easy, he’s upfront, explains what you need and gives you the options of what you’d like to do and doesn’t push ahead with anything so.

Jonno: Yeah, the salesman got the better of me.

Jonno: Yeah, I’d recommend it to anyone.

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