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Discover the potential of solar power on the Sunshine Coast with Snap Solar.

Our mission is clear—to help you transition to a renewable future using reliable and rugged solar panels, inverters, and batteries that are renowned for high performance.

We believe in making renewable energy accessible and affordable for everyone—residents and businesses–on the Sunshine Coast.

We know there is already so much demand and so many solar installers on the Sunshine Coast to deliver. But with our solar installations at Snap Solar, you’re not just purchasing a system. You’re investing in a sustainable future with a team that offers 24/7 solar monitoring, competitive pricing, and the reliability of local experts. Better yet, we deliver rugged systems that offer a long-term solution that will outlive other systems in light of changing weather conditions in the area.

Switch to Solar Power on the Sunshine Coast

Like its namesake, we know the Sunshine Coast for all its brilliant warmth and sunshine. With a growing community in embracing sustainable living, you also won’t be alone in this journey.

The Sunshine Coast offers a solar power haven for residents willing to try something new. Not only does deciding to install solar panels on your home or business’s rooftop significantly reduce your energy costs over your lifetime—you’re also reducing the carbon you would have otherwise been contributing to by continuing to rely on fossil fuels for power.

It’s why our solar installers on the Sunshine Coast are so passionate about this mission. We want to help switch over everyone in the area to solar–and help you lower or abolish your electricity bills. Together, we’re doing better for our planet.

Get Power For Less Than the Price of Your Daily Coffee!

Did you know that Snap Solar has made it possible to get solar, fully installed, on your roof, for less than a cup of coffee a day?

Pay just $2.35 a day* to significantly cut or even abolish your energy bills. With no upfront costs, no hidden fees and no deposits required. 

Now doesn’t that leave a good taste in your mouth?

Built Tough to Outlast Heavy Storms

There’s a lot of Solar Installers on the Sunshine Coast. 

So We Know You’re Asking, What Makes Our Systems at Snap Solar Special?

Snap Solar Systems are Built for Heavy Storms & Cyclones

We build every solar panel and system to the same high and hardy standards that are mandatory in high-cyclone risk Mackay. We do this no matter where we install our solar systems. It’s just what we do.

North Queensland contains cities like Mackay and Townsville that are in high risk cyclone zones. These zones demand higher standards by their local councils—standards that dictate measures to make installations secure from heavy wind pressure or wind load, so they are not ripped up or thrown around by cyclones, or massively damaged by wind carried debris.

Why should Rugged Solar Systems matter to me on the Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine Coast faced some of the heaviest storms of its time between Dec 2023 & Jan 2024. While it’s a past event, studies estimate that as climate conditions change, it’s only going to get worse.

In a journal entry, researchers anticipate that there will be fewer storms across the Sunshine Coast and wider South East Queensland. But any storms that do occur will be much more intense.

Standards for solar systems on the Sunshine Coast have not recently changed. However, it’s not too early to plan ahead by opting for a cyclone-resilient solar installation like what our installers at Snap Solar provide.

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Extensive Range of Solar Products

Why Snap Solar?

Renowned Expertise and Reliability

At Snap Solar, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience and deep knowledge of the solar industry. Our team of solar installers and consultants on the Sunshine Coast are at the forefront of solar technology, offering personalised solutions that ensure optimal performance and significant energy savings. Our approach is grounded in understanding your specific energy needs, allowing us to design and implement a solar installation that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

Quality Solar Systems Sunshine Coast Solutions

Our commitment to quality is evident in every solar system we install. We supply a comprehensive range of quality solar panels, solar batteries, and solar inverters from leading manufacturers, ensuring durability, efficiency, and reliability. Our selection process is meticulous, focusing on solar products that offer the best warranties and performance guarantees, supporting you long after your system is professionally installed.

How Much Can You Save With Solar on The Sunshine Coast?

Solar power opens the door to notable savings on the Sunshine Coast. Your savings potential depends on your energy use, solar system size, and local electricity rates. By tapping into the Sunshine Coast’s plentiful sunshine, you can generate green energy, reducing or even eliminating your grid electricity reliance. This shift can lead to lower monthly electricity bills.

For accurate savings and return on investment estimates tailored to your situation, consult with our solar experts. They’ll review your energy needs, check your property’s solar potential, and offer a customised financial breakdown. With their help, you can fully realise the Sunshine Coast’s solar savings potential.

Free Solar Home Assessment

If you’re looking at ways to reduce your energy bills and positively impact the environment, solar power emerges as a smart and sustainable choice. At Snap Solar, we simplify this decision with our Free Solar Energy Home Assessment.

What’s Included in Your Free Solar Assessment?

We’ll Evaluate & Understand Your Energy Needs: We review your daily energy use and utility bill.
We’ll Evaluate Your Property’s Solar Potential: Our team inspects your roof’s layout, direction, and shading to determine the optimal placement for your future solar panels.
We’ll Forecast the ROI on the Installation: We project the estimated savings you could be making on energy costs, the payback period for your investment, and the long-term Return on Investment (or ROI) with solar.

This helps give you the valuable information you need to make an informed decision about your energy future.

Say Hello At Our New Sunshine Coast Office!

We’re proud to announce the opening of our new office in the Sunshine Coast. It’ll allow our solar installers to more easily get to the doorstop of homeowners, landlords and businesses on the Sunshine Coast, so we can serve you with reliable, cost-saving solar with a smile.

Tailored Solar Installation Sunshine Coast

Understanding that no two clients are the same, we offer customised solar installation services on the Sunshine Coast. From assessing your roof space for optimal panel placement to choosing the right components for your energy goals, our team ensures a seamless and efficient installation process.

Commercial and Residential Solar Sunshine Coast

Whether you’re a business aiming to reduce operational costs or a homeowner looking to lower your electricity bills, we offer both residential and commercial solar Sunshine Coast solutions. Our experts specialise in designing systems that not only meet but exceed your expectations for energy production and savings.

Get in Touch

Ready to explore how solar can transform your home or business? Contact Snap Solar today at 1300 076 279 for a no-obligation quote and discover the difference that solar can make. Our team of solar specialists is eager to answer your questions and guide you through the process, ensuring you make an informed decision that benefits you for years to come.

Embrace the power of the sun with Snap Solar, and take the first step towards a brighter, more sustainable future on the Sunshine Coast.

Snap Solar
Snap Solar

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andrew cox

andrew cox

3 weeks ago
Jordan and the team at SNAP were great to deal with. They took the time to help explain the difference between quoted systems and which is best in our scenario. Really happy with SNAP and would recommend them to anyone in the Mackay area!!
Ronald N

Ronald N

3 weeks ago

From start to finish, Snap Solar was pleasant to deal with. Jordan was our initial contact. He was always willing to help and answer questions, no matter how simple or technical. At no time, I felt I was a burden. Payment of 50% deposit to start work was no problem, and I appreciated I could pay via credit card.

Georgia followed-up to organise time to have electrician attend our premise to have the Solar panels and inverter installed. The contracted electricians A&B Electricians arrived on time and got straight to working. Brock was a true professional.

The entire process, until handover, took about a month. But it was well worth it.

Ja Mie

Ja Mie

a month ago
Just had our solar fitted by Snap Solar my dealings where will Michael, Chris and Brock easy transition from being to end competitive pricing and panels and inverter have also good product reviews can’t be happier

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