Rural Queensland Installation

Rural Queensland Installation

The Gift Shed’s System Included:

  • Location: Finch Hatton, Queensland
  • 20KW 3 Phase Solar System
  • 1x 15KW 3 Phase Sungrow Inverter
  • $4140.83 saved p.a
  • ROI 4 years!
  • Power Produced Since Installation: 8.992 MWH!


Jackson: What’s up guys, Jackson Wyer from SnapSolar and today I’m excited to show you a project we’ve recently finished, a full custom designed 15-kilowatt solar system utilizing our brand new phono solar double glass bifacial panels. 

Jackson: This project had its challenges, not only the north Queensland heat but a hell of a sloped roof but hey nothing’s a challenge for the SnapSolar Team, let’s go check out the gift shop.

Jackson: So if you want to save on your electricity costs and you’re looking for the best products and the best service in the market then reach out to the SnapSolar team today. Let us show you how to stick it where the sun shines.

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