Proximity Motosports Testimonial

Proximity Motosports Testimonial

Leon’s Residential System Included:

  • Location: Richmond, Queensland
  • 15KW PV Solar System
  • 12.8KW Battery Storage Unit
  • Sungrow Automatic Backup Circuit.
  • $3,666.10 saved p.a
  • ROI 8 years, However with inflated rates expected July 1st this is expected to be 6 years!
  • Power Produced Since Installation: 5.316 MWH!

For Leon, the biggest driver for solar and storage was the convenience of automatic backup. They live in the northern beaches area where there are a lot of power outages. This system has been designed and programmed to automatically kick-in in the case of a blackout, so that Leon and his family can enjoy, lights, A/C and Netflix, regardless of what the network decides to do.


Leon: Hey guys, it’s Leon here from Proximity Motorsports, come on through and check out the workshop.

Leon: Uh hey, it’s Leon here from Proximity Motorsports, this is our third solar system that we’ve purchased off SnapSolar.

Leon: From the start they’ve been pretty easy to deal with. I did my little residential place and then did a big system here at the workshop and yeah I can’t thank yous enough.

Leon: Yeah with the prices of electricity running dinos and workshop equipment, compressors and things, the cost of power was just a huge thorn in the side so the solar system now with you know $50 a month at worst and yeah sometimes we get credits here as well.

Leon: The system at home is just awesome with the batteries at home we can, we still get power all through blackouts, the fridges run, the lights run and with the batteries, we can use all the aircons at night and it doesn’t cost us anything. We get paid each month off Ergon.

Leon: Yeah look, everyone is a bit sceptical around solar and I think the biggest thing people want is a local company. So you know I can send you a text at night and you reply, the guys that came and fitted our system, he went to school with my partner so it’s all local leccys, local company so you know you’ve got the support.

Leon: SnapSolars awesome, I cant rate them enough.

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