Mick’s Testimonial

Mick’s Testimonial

Mick’s System Included:

  • 14KW 3 Phase Solar System
  •  10KW 3 Phase Fronius Commercial Grade Inverter
  • Premium 390w Shingled Mono Solar Panels
  • Custom Anodised Black, Hollywood Racking System
  • $4800 saved p.a
  • ROI just over 3.7 years!


Jackson: Hey, what’s up guys, Jackson Wyer from SnapSolar and welcome back to Snap Chat. Today we’ve got an exciting project that we’ve just finished, this beautiful home in sunny Queensland.

Jackson: This home had its challenges from core drilling, cranes to custom cable trays down the side of the home but hey nothings a challenge for the SnapSolar team.

Mick: Hi, I’m Mick, yeah we used SnapSolar to install our solar and the reason for the solar was because it’s quite a large house and our energy consumption was up so it just made sense, um.

Mick: We went with Snap, they actually did my daughter’s house and they did such a good job we thought well we’d use them and couldn’t be happier with the result it’s been easy, they’ve taken us through every step, couldn’t, couldn’t fault them.

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