G.N Alloy Testimonial

G.N Alloy Testimonial

G.N Alloy’s System Included:

  • 39KW Solar System
  • 2 x 15KW Solar Inverters
  • 108 x 370W REC TwinPeak 4 Series Premium Solar Panels
  • $15000 saved p.a
  • ROI just over 2 years!


Jackson: Today, I’m bringing you guys along to meet with some of our valued customers.

Gerard: Uh, Jack just came in one day and wanted to sell us solar and that was it.

Gerard: Just, they come in, they explained everything what you need to hear and you know your bases and go from there and go for gold.

Jamie: My names Jamie, I’m the, um I’m in the office, I’m the other half.

Jamie: Jack just gave us a few different options just things that would work for us and our business. it was pretty easy really once we decided what we wanted to do, what package we wanted to go with, it was just straightforward.

Jamie: We just booked in a time that suited both of us, um, and then the guys came in and installed, we we’re still able to work while they installed it, which is a bonus.

Gerard: Oh, the best thing we ever did, no power bills, nothing. It’s unreal and I stay back late at night every night too and we never get a big bill, like I’d normally stay back until nine, ten O’clock at night nearly every night working so yeah, its good, we never get a power bill.

Jamie: We went for a package a little bit bigger, um, just for future we’re even looking at doing it at home, we continue to recommend them to anyone that’s thinking about solar, just I guess because they’re easy-going service, professional, take the time out, you don’t feel rushed and pressured into something, it’s completely up to you and what will work for you.

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