Eton Residential House Testimonial

Eton Residential House Testimonial

Mark’s System Included:

  • Location: Eton, Queensland
  • 10KW Solar System
  • 11KW Battery Storage Unit
  • 6KW Hybrid Fronius Gen 24 With Automatic Backup Circuit.
  • $3,200 saved p.a
  • ROI 7 years!
  • Power Produced Since Installation: 1265KW!

For Mark, the biggest driver for solar and storage was the convenience of automatic backup. They live in a rural part of town where the network is unreliable and activities like nighttime commercial irrigating can often overload the network and cause power outages. This system has been designed and programmed to automatically kick-in in the case of a blackout, so that Mark and Kim can enjoy, lights, A/C and Netflix, regardless of what the network decides to do.


Mark: How ya going Jack?

Mark: Yeah so um, I got on to Jack from SnapSolar to look at our solar for our house and eventually after a lot of conversations he mentioned about batteries and we ended up going with the byd. I think there’s four isn’t it four batteries.

Mark: Okay, because we’re out away from Mackay, when a power line goes down from an accident or any issues we lose power and it usually takes a while to get it back on. So the driver for us was to be able to, power goes off, battery kicks in and we don’t have to get up.

Mark: Usually we have to get up, call ergon, they send a team out so usually your looking at an hour, two hours in the middle of the night, so if that does if it fixes that problem we’re going to be happy as.

Mark: The hardest thing is that just no one really understands what they do and how they work. You look at the internet and there’s a lot of false information. Um so you were able to steer me in the right direction i suppose but I think as people learn more about how it works it’ll become more common.

Mark: yeah I suppose, talk to friends. I’ve got quite a few friends with solar but no one had batteries so I did a lot of study and I looked up a lot of things on BYD and inverters but really you just need someone young and keen that’s going to be around to fix it if we do have issues so yeah and that’s why I went with SnapSolar.

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