SnapSolar is partnering with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to create real change and help preserve the reef by planting coral with every solar system sold.

🌊 SnapSolar’s partnership with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation reflects their commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability. By aligning with an organisation focused on reef protection, they are taking proactive action to address the threats facing the reefs.

🌱 By planting a piece of coral for every solar system sold, SnapSolar is not only offsetting carbon emissions but also directly contributing to the restoration of the reef. This initiative showcases their dedication to making a positive impact beyond their core business.

🎥 The team’s plan to document their efforts and showcase the process of planting coral not only engages customers but also raises awareness about the importance of reef preservation. This transparency and educational approach can inspire others to take action.

🙏 SnapSolar expresses gratitude towards their supporters and future customers, emphasising the collective effort required to create meaningful change. This appreciation fosters a sense of community and encourages others to join their mission.

🌍 The company’s vision goes beyond simply selling solar systems; they aim to empower customers and create lasting change. By investing in sustainable solutions and aligning with organisations like the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, SnapSolar demonstrates their commitment to a better future.

🏝️ Preservation and sustainability are the foundation of SnapSolar’s business. Their alignment with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation reinforces their dedication to protecting natural resources and ecosystems, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

Snap Solar installs a new solar system with batteries on a roof, facing east and west for optimal panel configuration. Cables are run from the inverter to each string of panels, and the system is set up to convert DC current to AC current. The team installs 28 black panels with a 25-year warranty and an 11.5 KW PV system with 8 KW inverter and 11 KW of battery power.

💡 Snap Solar chooses an east-west panel configuration for optimal sunlight throughout the day.

💡 Cables are carefully positioned and connected to ensure efficient power flow.

💡 The inverter converts DC current to AC current for household appliances.

💡 The 28 black panels have a sleek design and come with a long warranty.

💡 The installed system has a high capacity with an 11.5 KW PV system, 8 KW inverter, and 11 KW of battery power.

Leon’s Residential System Included:

For Leon, the biggest driver for solar and storage was the convenience of automatic backup. They live in the northern beaches area where there are a lot of power outages. This system has been designed and programmed to automatically kick-in in the case of a blackout, so that Leon and his family can enjoy, lights, A/C and Netflix, regardless of what the network decides to do.


Leon: Hey guys, it’s Leon here from Proximity Motorsports, come on through and check out the workshop.

Leon: Uh hey, it’s Leon here from Proximity Motorsports, this is our third solar system that we’ve purchased off SnapSolar.

Leon: From the start they’ve been pretty easy to deal with. I did my little residential place and then did a big system here at the workshop and yeah I can’t thank yous enough.

Leon: Yeah with the prices of electricity running dinos and workshop equipment, compressors and things, the cost of power was just a huge thorn in the side so the solar system now with you know $50 a month at worst and yeah sometimes we get credits here as well.

Leon: The system at home is just awesome with the batteries at home we can, we still get power all through blackouts, the fridges run, the lights run and with the batteries, we can use all the aircons at night and it doesn’t cost us anything. We get paid each month off Ergon.

Leon: Yeah look, everyone is a bit sceptical around solar and I think the biggest thing people want is a local company. So you know I can send you a text at night and you reply, the guys that came and fitted our system, he went to school with my partner so it’s all local leccys, local company so you know you’ve got the support.

Leon: SnapSolars awesome, I cant rate them enough.

Mark’s System Included:

For Mark, the biggest driver for solar and storage was the convenience of automatic backup. They live in a rural part of town where the network is unreliable and activities like nighttime commercial irrigating can often overload the network and cause power outages. This system has been designed and programmed to automatically kick-in in the case of a blackout, so that Mark and Kim can enjoy, lights, A/C and Netflix, regardless of what the network decides to do.


Mark: How ya going Jack?

Mark: Yeah so um, I got on to Jack from SnapSolar to look at our solar for our house and eventually after a lot of conversations he mentioned about batteries and we ended up going with the byd. I think there’s four isn’t it four batteries.

Mark: Okay, because we’re out away from Mackay, when a power line goes down from an accident or any issues we lose power and it usually takes a while to get it back on. So the driver for us was to be able to, power goes off, battery kicks in and we don’t have to get up.

Mark: Usually we have to get up, call ergon, they send a team out so usually your looking at an hour, two hours in the middle of the night, so if that does if it fixes that problem we’re going to be happy as.

Mark: The hardest thing is that just no one really understands what they do and how they work. You look at the internet and there’s a lot of false information. Um so you were able to steer me in the right direction i suppose but I think as people learn more about how it works it’ll become more common.

Mark: yeah I suppose, talk to friends. I’ve got quite a few friends with solar but no one had batteries so I did a lot of study and I looked up a lot of things on BYD and inverters but really you just need someone young and keen that’s going to be around to fix it if we do have issues so yeah and that’s why I went with SnapSolar.

Hayes & Co’s System Included:

Mick’s System Included:


Jackson: Hey, what’s up guys, Jackson Wyer from SnapSolar and welcome back to Snap Chat. Today we’ve got an exciting project that we’ve just finished, this beautiful home in sunny Queensland.

Jackson: This home had its challenges from core drilling, cranes to custom cable trays down the side of the home but hey nothings a challenge for the SnapSolar team.

Mick: Hi, I’m Mick, yeah we used SnapSolar to install our solar and the reason for the solar was because it’s quite a large house and our energy consumption was up so it just made sense, um.

Mick: We went with Snap, they actually did my daughter’s house and they did such a good job we thought well we’d use them and couldn’t be happier with the result it’s been easy, they’ve taken us through every step, couldn’t, couldn’t fault them.

G.N Alloy’s System Included:


Jackson: Today, I’m bringing you guys along to meet with some of our valued customers.

Gerard: Uh, Jack just came in one day and wanted to sell us solar and that was it.

Gerard: Just, they come in, they explained everything what you need to hear and you know your bases and go from there and go for gold.

Jamie: My names Jamie, I’m the, um I’m in the office, I’m the other half.

Jamie: Jack just gave us a few different options just things that would work for us and our business. it was pretty easy really once we decided what we wanted to do, what package we wanted to go with, it was just straightforward.

Jamie: We just booked in a time that suited both of us, um, and then the guys came in and installed, we we’re still able to work while they installed it, which is a bonus.

Gerard: Oh, the best thing we ever did, no power bills, nothing. It’s unreal and I stay back late at night every night too and we never get a big bill, like I’d normally stay back until nine, ten O’clock at night nearly every night working so yeah, its good, we never get a power bill.

Jamie: We went for a package a little bit bigger, um, just for future we’re even looking at doing it at home, we continue to recommend them to anyone that’s thinking about solar, just I guess because they’re easy-going service, professional, take the time out, you don’t feel rushed and pressured into something, it’s completely up to you and what will work for you.

Jonno’s System Included:


Jackson: Today, I’m bringing you guys along to meet with some of our valued customers.

Jonno: My name’s Jonno Warrell and, uh, as you can see I’m a mechanic. So, uh, power bills are always quite high with that and the kids being home, so we thought solar would be the go to try and reduce our bill.

Jonno: Recommendations, really, Lots of people saying good things about them.

Jonno: So, yeah, we ended up going and talking to Jackson and next thing we got a system on our roof.

Jonno: Jackson came looked at our power bills what we needed and suggested the size which we went ahead with and yeah so now we’re in credit.

Jonno: Our installation was easy, as soon as I signed off on the contract it was just book a date and it got installed.

Jonno: Oh, it obviously took two or three bill cycles to come down and now we’re 100 bucks in credit a month so.

Jonno: Yeah, I definitely recommend SnapSolar, the process is easy, he’s upfront, explains what you need and gives you the options of what you’d like to do and doesn’t push ahead with anything so.

Jonno: Yeah, the salesman got the better of me.

Jonno: Yeah, I’d recommend it to anyone.

The Gift Shed’s System Included:


Jackson: What’s up guys, Jackson Wyer from SnapSolar and today I’m excited to show you a project we’ve recently finished, a full custom designed 15-kilowatt solar system utilizing our brand new phono solar double glass bifacial panels. 

Jackson: This project had its challenges, not only the north Queensland heat but a hell of a sloped roof but hey nothing’s a challenge for the SnapSolar Team, let’s go check out the gift shop.

Jackson: So if you want to save on your electricity costs and you’re looking for the best products and the best service in the market then reach out to the SnapSolar team today. Let us show you how to stick it where the sun shines.